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In Hearts Wake are an Australian metalcore band from Byron Bay, formed in 2006, currently consisting of vocalist Jake Taylor, bassist and singer Kyle Erich , lead guitarist Eaven Dall, drummer Conor Ward and rhythm guitarist Ben Nairne.

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Answers So Far..

  • Someone asked:
    Hey guys, Just wondering if there's any way to get a copy of into the storm and the gateway? Can't find them anywhere. CD or digital download. Thanks guys!
    • inheartswake replied:
      Hey, unfortunately our best bet is probably to find a hardcore buy and trade forum. Those Demo's / EP's are well out of press. Who knows, maybe even Ebay? Ask around, you never know!
  • Someone asked:
    Favourite city you's have visited in the UK?
    • inheartswake replied:
      Hey, My (Jake) favourite city was either Chester, York or Brighton. We like the UK in general so it's hard to pick!